Even a Failed Coup Can Destroy Democracy — Indi Warned Us

The insurrection was the result of denial and no accountability.

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The GOP Has Gone Bonkers (that’s putting it nicely)

Part of What Got Us Here is the GOP’s War on Government

The United States Doesn’t Hold its Highest Officials Accountable

No Consequences for Reagan Related to Iran-Contra Crimes

The Reagan administration “scandals” included: (from Wikipedia)

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development grant rigging — low-income housing bids favored GOP donors to Reagan’s campaign.
  • Lobbying scandals — two members of the admin did illegal lobbying.
  • EPA scandals — 20 EPA employees were removed.[20] Agency officials resigned amidst charges, ranging from being influenced by industry groups to rewarding or punishing employees based on political beliefs.
  • Savings & loan crisis — 747 institutions failed and had to be rescued with $160 billion in taxpayer dollars.[24] Reagan’s “elimination of loopholes” in the tax code…bankrupted many real estate developments which used this tax break as a premise, which in turn bankrupted 747 Savings and Loans, thus requiring the FDIC to cover their losses with taxpayer money.
  • Operation Ill Wind — a 1986 investigation by the FBI into corruption (accepting bribes) by gov & military officials, private defense contractors.
  • Wedtech Scandal — Wedtech Corp convicted — Defense contract bribery.
  • Debategate — in 1980 presidential election, President Jimmy Carter’s briefing papers in prep for the October 28, 1980, debate were acquired by Reagan’s team. This was not divulged to the public until June 1983.

Senate Committee Investigated Trump/Russia & Found Stuff

The report is scathing and makes these recommendations:

  • Review and Enforce the Foreign Agent Registrations Act
  • Recognize Russia’s Non-traditional Intelligence Actors Influence
  • Protect Campaigns & Government Employees from Foreign Influence
  • Bolster Resources to Uncover Influence Campaigns
  • Strengthen Congressional Authority to Challenge Executive Privilege

Trump’s series of coup attempts and the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the Capitol are the result of decades of no accountability for White House corruption as well as the GOP’s anti-government and anti-tax campaigns.

This was originally published on Feb. 2, 2021 on another platform.



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